Before Installation

  1. Decide which computer you will use as your primary system.  This is the system that will run the service.

    1. You should select a system that will be running whenever users are using the Internet.

    2. If you only have one system, that will be your primary system.

    3. The system that you install the server must be able to "see" the DW6000.

      1. To verify, open a web browser, and connect to

      2. If you see the DW600 page, you may proceed

      3. If you do not see the DW6000 page, make sure that you are not using a firewall or router that is blocking access to the DW6000.  This should not normally be a problem, since Direcway uses this for troubleshooting.

    4. If you have several systems that are always running, you may choose any system.  The server uses very little system resources (I'm currently running it on a Duel Pentium Pro 133Mhz system with 128M memory.  Most people have something a little more modern than that!)

    5. That's it, you know know which system will be your primary.