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  • Version 4.0, released 4/29/07
    • Changed all references to DW6000 to either hnFAPMon or Modem, as appropriate.
    • Added a rolling line graph option, in addition to the bar graph.
    • Lots of internal filename changes.
    • Changed the monitor to hnFAPMon.exe
    • Changed the service to hnFAPMonService.exe
    • Changed the control panel to hnFAPMonControl.exe
    • You must uninstall any previous versions, otherwise, the old versions will be left on your system!
  • Version 3.3, released 4/19/2007
    • Updated the FAP information to match the new HN  FAP policy
      Please note that the new FAP policy is not well understood at this time. This release is a best guess of the new policy. Until more information is available about the new policy, be careful while downloading, since the monitor may not properly report the amount of your bucket remaining.
  • Version 3.2, released 3/11/2007
    • Enhanced to work with the HN7000S
    • Improved setup now gathers modem and plan information
    • The client now had an About menu item for version information
    • The client can now be started multiple times
    • Improved the startup speed of the DW6000 Service Control Panel
    • The client shows the bucket mode (day/night) in the hover balloon
    • The client correctly switched between day/night mode
  • Version 3.0, released 2/7/2007
    • Reduced the number of threads that the service uses
    • Reduced memory usage of the service
    • Corrected some service startup problems
    • All new client, now written in perl, uses skins.
  • Version 2.2, created 1/15/2006
    • Fixes more registration problems, and startup problems for new users
    • Fixes Dw6000 not responding messages.
  • Version 2.1, created 1/12/2006
    • Fixes registration problems seen by some users
    • Adds the ability to select either the DW6000 or DW7000, and adjusts the bucket parameters accordingly.
  • Version 2.0 updates can be found in the ChangeLog.  Internal version numbers have been re-used.  They are not related to the version numbers used in the 1.x version of the Monitor.


  • The Server/Service (No longer available)

    • Version 1.6, created 4/20/2005

      • Added the code to CVS source control.  This caused the large jump in version numbers

      • Small change to how the network communication is handled

      • Added a end of message tag on each message

      • Changed how data was read from the DW6000 to allow timeouts if the DW6000 was not responding.

      • Added a new message to send to the client if the DW6000 is not responding

    • Version 1.1.3, created 4/18/2005

      • Fixed the problem that several XP users reported with the service failing to start properly.

      • Removed the TCP dependency.  This seemed to cause other problems for some XP users.

    • Version 1.1.2, created 4/14/2005

      • Fixed a problem where registered versions would expire after 30 days.

    • Version 1.1.1, created 3/31/05

      • Install the service with a dependency on TCP to prevent problems with wireless networks.

      • Added a -version option

    • Version 1.1, created 3/27/2005

      • Fixed a startup problem when the modem was reset

    • Version 1.0, created 3/5/2005

      • The first general release

      • Added support for running as a service

      • Finalized registration support

    • Version 0.4.0, created 2/26/2005

      • Added support for registration of the Trial, Home and Pro versions.

    • Version 0.3.3, created 2/23/2005:

      • Four new options are available

        • -home (default)

        • -professional

        • -smalloffice

        • -business

          Use these options instead of -bucket and -recovery.  They are based on Direcways information, so should be accurate.

    • Version 0.3.2, created 2/23/2005:

      • Sends more status info to the client like selected bucket size.

    • Version 0.3.1, created 2/22/2005:

      • Changed the broadcast address to  This should allow things to work on any network, including those of you who are using routers and wireless networks..

      • Removed the -subnet option, since it should no longer be needed (and should have been called -broadcast anyways)

      • Fixed a bug where negative data was sent after a reset of the DW6000.

    • Version 0.3.0, created 2/21/2005:

      • Added a new command line switch -subnet to allow you to change the broadcast address

        If you are using a router, you may be using a different subnet than the normal 192.168.0.x subnet used by most setups.  If your computer does not have an IP address of 192.168.0.x, then you are one of those.  To use this feature, just find your IP address (X.Y.Z.?) and start myfapmon like this: myfapmon -subnet X.Y.Z.255


      • Added monitoring of the Receiver and Transmitter status

      • Added monitoring of "Inroute Group Selection" and "Ranging Reason"


  •  The Client (current version is 1.4)

    • Version 1.4, created 4/24/2005

      • Moved to CVS source control

      • Upgraded the Systray controls.

      • Changed the right click systray menu to only allow Exit.

      • Double clicking the systray icon now opens the monitor

      • Satellite link problems, server not running and communication problems with the DW6000 will display a new balloon message.

      • The line chart is now displayed in the main window, instead of opening a new window.

      • The line chart uses more of the available window space

    • Version 1.3.1, created 4/20/2005

      • Added new icons to display if the DW6000 is not responding

      • Added support to read the new end of line tag sent by the server.

    • Version 1.2.2, created 4/18/2005

      • Administrative release, no changes

    • Version 1.2.0, created 4/8/2005

      • All new chart option!

        Instead of the default bar graph view, you can now view a line graph (chart) of your data.  You can select anywhere from 10 samples to 600 samples (default 10 seconds to 10 minutes).  The chart can be resized.

        To access this new feature, click "View : Chart".

        To change the chart options, click on "Chart Options" (once the chart is open)

        I need to do more work on this feature.  After using this version for several days, I'm considering making this the default view, or possible even doing away with the bar graph views.  Please send me you opinion on this!

    • Version 1.1.0, created 3/30/2005

      • Fixed a problem with the scale adjustment form

      • Improved error checking during startup

    • Version 1.0, created 3/5/2005

      • The release version, numerous fixes and enhancements.

    • Version 0.6.6, created 2/25/2005

      • Added an option to turn off the animated icon (it will still show status changes, the highway stripes won't move if you select this option)

    • Version 0.6.5, created 2/24/2005

      • Allows resizing the height of the window, to fix a display problem on XP.  The size of the window is saved.

      • Fixed a bug with the scale adjustment.  This was mostly a problem when displaying data in bits instead of bytes.

      • Fixed a bug where the client would crash if the DW6000 was rebooted.

    • Version 0.6.4 (development version, not released)

    • Version 0.6.3, created 2/23/2005

      • Reads the new data from the Server to properly calculate the recovery rate of the bucket.

    • Version 0.6.2, created 2/22/2005

      • Changed the default broadcast address to  This should allow things to work properly on any network.

      • Removed the ability to change subnets, since this should no longer be required.

    • Version 0.6.0, created 2/21/2005

      • Changed the signal strength bar to turn to red if SS is below 35

      • Added support for displaying receiver and transmitter status

      • New icons will show if you are having transmit or receive problems

      • Added support for displaying "Inroute Group Selection" and "Ranging Reason"

      • Added support for changing the default subnet.

        I am unable to test this change in my environment.  See the comments above about the Server for details. If you change the Broadcast Address (available by clicking on Options : Set Broadcast Address), you may need to exit from the client, and re-start it.


    • Version 0.5.2, created 2/20/2005

      • All new look to the client.

      • You can now adjust the width of the window

        • The width of the window is saved.

        • The Height of the window is not adjustable.

      • The Maximum values are now saved.

        • Use Reset : Max Rates to reset to Zero.

      • The Client windows will now start up in the same position as previously

      • You can adjust the scale manually, or select the current max value for the scale

      • You can turn on or off the 10 and 30 sample average displays

      • A new animated icon, which will also show if the server portion is not running.

        1. I've had no other reports of this, but with my DW6000 when doing a large download in some cases, the DW6000 will "freeze" for some time (the download is still working) causing the monitor to stop sending data.  The new animated icon will show the new "server not running" icon when this occurs.  Please let me know if you see this happen on your system!

      • Now shows an estimated time for how long it will take for the bucket to refill.

      • The program would die with an error when minimizing.

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