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The current version of hnFAPMon is V4.0

hnFAPMon was written to enable users to monitor their download usage with HughesNet when using a DW6000/DW7000/HN7000S or HN7700 modem.

At this time, it's only available for Windows systems, and has been tested with Windows 2000 and Windows XP and Windows Vista RC1. While not tested, it should work on Windows 98/Me (the monitor portion only).

A Linux version is currently being worked on, and should be available soon.

hnFAPMon is a 2 part system.  The first part is the "service" portion.  It should only be installed on one computer.  The "service" reads data from the modem and calculates usage information.

The second part is the "client".  The "client" reads the information sent from the "service" and displays it graphically.  The client should be installed on all computers on your network. The "client" is not required for accurate monitoring, since the "service" does all the real work.  If you have a guest connect their laptop to your network, the new laptops usage will be included in the calculations, even it the "client" is not installed.

While the "service" does all the work, the client shows you what is happening in real time.  You can customize the client to show your transfer rates in KBytes/second or Kbits/second. You can also display the Tx and Rx average values.

As of the latest release, the "client" is a skinned application, and users will be able to create and share their skins with other users. There are 3 (rather crude) skins included.


The client

The client with the mouse hovered over it.

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